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Rory3Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary is devoted to rescuing and rehoming greyhounds and lurchers in need. Along with the wonderful online community and many volunteers, SGS are passionate about the welfare of greyhounds and are committed to raising awareness of the plight of these beautiful animals. There are many ways in which you can help SGS save lives. Please join the forum to find out everything that is happening at Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary and get involved, or alternatively you can contact us about volunteering, fundraising, sponsoring a kennel or adopting a greyhound or lurcher.

Meet the Team

SGS was launched in March 2008 by a group of friends with one thing in common, our love of greyhounds. After many years of greyhound ownership we decided to set up our own charity to raise awareness of the breed and to try to find loving homes for the many hundreds of retired or unwanted racers as possible.

Everyone involved in Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary have been greyhound and lurcher owners for many years, our love of the breed has brought us together to further the welfare of retired greyhounds in Scotland. We are constantly inspired by our own dogs and the many we meet on our journey with SGS.

SGS has a large number of dedicated volunteers and fosterers spread over the country. To meet the SGS Team please click here.